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Bee-Friendly Nurseries, Seed Suppliers & Growers List, Via North Coast Gardening

Had to share this great blog post by Genevieve @ North Coast Gardening: Buying Bee-Friendly Plants: Neonicotinoid-Free Nurseries, Growers, and Seed Sources. She compiled a list of growers, seed suppliers and nurseries that do not use bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides. She also includes a few companies still using “neonics”, but gives them an opportunity to explain why and under what circumstances.

As someone who’s opening a small garden center that will focus on environmentally-friendly gardening products and practices, it’s great to see this kind of post and I appreciate the time Genevieve spent compiling this useful list! It’ll come in very handy with customers as well.

GardenWeb Teams Up with Houzz

gw_logoJust got an e-mail from GardenWeb… “The Internet’s Largest Home and Garden Community”… announcing its partnership with Houzz. I’m glad I received this e-mail because for the last several years, I thought GardenWeb was defunct! Not only is it not defunct, the forums are all still there, including one of my faves, California Gardening.

I’m also partial to their Plant Exchange, where years ago I scored my first tree dahlia (Dahlia imperialis) cuttings from a nice man in the Napa area. He got a nice chunk of my Tropicanna Canna. I’d say we both scored…

GardenWeb is also alive and well on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It’ll be interesting to see where they fit in on Houzz.

Patience, Grasshopper

SearchIMG_3054ing for a location for the new nursery is proving to be an exercise in patience. In other words, I’m champin’ at the bit big time. There’s a lot I can do while waiting for a location. I’m reading up on retailing, Pinning nursery ideas to Pinterest, communicating with my agent, staying up on the nursery biz, and just had a very inspiring meeting with a marketing/branding company.

But I won’t be able to do my thang until a space has been procured. We submitted a Letter of Intent on a particular property, but the broker is slow to respond for some reason. I’m going to start scouting alternate locations right after Christmas. In the meantime… I read… I Pin… I research… I pester my agent… and I Google Meyer lemon recipes. There’s plenty to keep me busy, but what I really want for Christmas is a nursery location.