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What I’m up to lately…

Though I’ve enjoyed gardening everywhere I’ve lived, I’m just beginning to landscape my tiny East Sacramento bungalow with my fiance, Kim.¬† As a gardener, I most enjoy planting, nursery shopping, propagating, seed starting, veggie gardening,¬†vermicomposting and learning what other avid gardeners are growing in their yards. I’m also a foodie who loves cooking and baking, which ties in nicely with growing backyard edibles.

While we chip away at our house and yard remodel, I’m seriously considering opening a garden shop of my own. It’s been a longtime dream of mine.

Gardening Philosophy

Everyone seeks bliss and I’ve found mine in gardening. Like many, I am often inspired by what other people are growing and doing in their yards. My favorite gardens are on the “bohemian” side… colorful, restful, restorative, celebratory and art is a must… from funky junk art to unique sculptures to oversized ceramic urns. There can be art and beauty and fun in nearly everything in your garden.

Many say gardens are a form of “controlled nature”… and I appreciate the comfort a touch of civilization provides… but my favorite gardens are a bit rough around the edges. Relaxed. Formal estate gardens wow me, but they rarely move me. I suppose it’s because they’re too controlled, and somewhat impersonal by nature. I want to see the person or people behind the garden, not grandeur created largely by employees. Frugal, artistic reuse of “junk” impresses me more than spouting lions and manicured lawns.


In addition to being a mostly stay-at-home mom to my son Elliot, I’ve also worked as a floral designer, Library Services Assistant, Nursery Sales Specialist, and currently freelance for Talini’s Nursery handling website creation and maintenance and print ads (photography, design and layout). I also do the Annie’s Annuals & Perennials wholesale ordering and processing for Talini’s.


On the educational front, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Horticulture & Urban Forestry from UC Davis, preceded by a two-year degree in Ornamental Horticulture from American River College. I’m equally proud of the number of hours I spent lost in the Sunset Western Garden Book, listening to local garden radio, trading seeds, bulbs and cuttings with friends, neighbors and strangers… and the many dirty, sweaty hours I put in digging here in northern California’s Sunset Zone 14/USDA Zone 9b.

One Super Cool Plant at a Time

As an avid plant collector, nursery hopping is a related hobby of mine. When I visit other cities, it’s always a chance to discover a new nursery and bring home a new plant!