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SearchIMG_3054ing for a location for the new nursery is proving to be an exercise in patience. In other words, I’m champin’ at the bit big time. There’s a lot I can do while waiting for a location. I’m reading up on retailing, Pinning nursery ideas to Pinterest, communicating with my agent, staying up on the nursery biz, and just had a very inspiring meeting with a marketing/branding company.

But I won’t be able to do my thang until a space has been procured. We submitted a Letter of Intent on a particular property, but the broker is slow to respond for some reason. I’m going to start scouting alternate locations right after Christmas. In the meantime… I read… I Pin… I research… I pester my agent… and I Google Meyer lemon recipes. There’s plenty to keep me busy, but what I really want for Christmas is a nursery location.

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