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Windmill Nursery, 2007

Windmill Nursery, October 2007 (Photo by Cheryl Hawes)

If you participated in my nursery-naming survey, thank you! After the votes were in, we decided to go with Digging Bliss Nursery. We’re still playing around with slogans and branding ideas and all that fun stuff.

Since I already have a WordPress site running on the domain, you will land on the nursery page first, and the blog will be available in the main menu. I’ve been garden blogging since 2004, and I have no intention of stopping now. The only difference is that there will be a lot more nursery-centered excitement to share.

And when I say nursery, I’m referring specifically to a small retail “boutique” nursery in East Sacramento or midtown. I’m negotiating a possible lease in midtown right now. Cross your fingers and toes for me! Thanks.

This venture is a team effort and I’m grateful to have such creative, exuberant people on board. I’ve always loved the feeling that comes over me at my favorite nurseries– that magical combo of relaxation, inspiration, excitement and fun. I’d love to share a few juicy details about the new nursery, but gotta keep my lips zipped for now. Stay tuned.

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