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As I’ve mentioned on my About page, Kim and I were getting bids on a major home and landscape renovation. What a roller coaster process that was. The general consensus from contractors and architects was that we should add on in the back, but that conflicted with my desire to preserve gardening real estate. In other words… please don’t cover up my precious dirt with house; It’s that simple.

Then we started looking at going up, which seemed like a great solution since we’d end up with more house and the same amount of yard. Unfortunately, the bids came in prohibitively high since we’d essentially have to gut the existing house in order to add on a second story. After much agonizing, and a decision not to accept the generous renovation loan for which we qualified, we decided instead to use some savings to start my new business. Yes, it’s still a risk, but it’s a calculated one that won’t hinder Kim’s retirement plans and won’t tie up our other income and assets. Ah, if only money did grow on trees.

For years, I’ve dreamed of having my own nursery. I’ve really enjoyed working for Talini’s Nursery for the last 4.5 years and have learned day-to-day things about the business that nicely complement my schooling. But when you work for someone else… well… you work for someone else. You are helping to create their vision and promote their business and while you receive a wage, you receive no profits.

On the plus side, you don’t have their headaches and responsibilities. That said, I reached a point where I realized I don’t mind the additional responsibility, and I’m confident I can tackle the headaches. It’s important to create a work environment that excites you and your cohorts, and that’s a big part of my drive. Entrepreneurship has its perks.

Since most of my favorite nurseries are outside Sacramento, I’ve decided the time is ripe for creating a place that brings together the cool things I’ve discovered in my travels (and online), and to create the kind of nursery I’d want to hang out at, a quick bike ride away from my house.

I don’t want to give too much away yet, but stay tuned! I’ll let everyone know when we’ve got an opening date. We’ll have a grand opening shindig, fo’ sho’. Once we see how the business is doing, we will revisit the house and yard and those granite countertops I’ve always pined for and that game room on Kim’s wish list.

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