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“You are the garden”, professes the entry marquee at Flowerland Nursery in Albany, CA. Heck, yeah, I am. I am often in need of weeding, have untapped potential, and every now and then in the right light and after a lot more work than should be necessary, am tinged with loveliness.


This was my first visit to Flowerland Nursery, another wonderful East Bay nursery with a unique hook– its own airstream trailer coffee shop on site. The coffee shop is operated by Local 123, serving espresso, coffee and pastries. Being able to buy coffee and plants in one place is a marriage of two of my favorite things in life. Add in the mellow music and delicious gluten-free peanut butter cookie I bought and I am one happy camper.

Flowerland is a magical place. My hurried phone pics don’t do the place justice. I’d love to see the nursery in the early morning or late afternoon when the light is softest; I must return with the intent to have no intent.

We visited on a Friday, a time when many nursery workers have that frenzied, “gearing up for the weekend” look. Believe me, I know the feeling. Customers also tend to be task-oriented on Fridays at many nurseries.

“Gotta get those bags of mulch before the party!”
“Gotta replace that broken hose!”
“Gotta feed those tomatoes!”

Gardening can sometimes feel like a chore, and it can take on an edge of competitiveness at times; It needn’t. At Flowerland, I’ve never seen a more mellow-looking group of employees and customers. It’s a place where you can buy stuff to feed your plants, but it’s also a place where you can feed your soul; where you can sit down in the retro chair of your choice and just chill the heck out. Catch up with a friend. Read a book.

A great big thanks to East Sac Edible for recommending this gem of a nursery. I can’t believe it didn’t register on my usually keen nursery radar before now. An added bonus is that it only took about an hour and nineteen minutes to get there from my house.

Local 123 1969 Airstream Streamline Princess trailer

The coffee shop at Flowerland, which I avoided photographing head on because customers were enjoying conversation at the cafe tables, invites you to linger. It’s somewhat partitioned from the nursery, giving it a cozy separateness. Dwell Magazine did a little piece on Local 123, pics included, back in 2012.



Nonfat mocha



 Colorful Displays




Succulents & Cacti

IMG_9806 IMG_9805



Cotyledon orbiculata


Tools & Supplies



Outdoor Decor


Tot-sized Table


Outdoor Rugs


Fermob Side Tables


IMG_9864 IMG_9862 IMG_9848

IMG_9873 IMG_9834
Largest Selection of Annie’s Annuals & Perennials I’ve Seen Outside of Richmond!
IMG_9890 IMG_9888 IMG_9887 IMG_9837 IMG_9844
Public Restroom, Yay! Thank you!


Potting Bench

Inside the Shop


Get Your Tiny On

IMG_9876 IMG_9874 IMG_9871 IMG_9870 IMG_9869 IMG_9868 IMG_9867 IMG_9865

My Haul

I’d been searching forever for an attractive, heavy ceramic hose bowl for out front. Finally found one! It’s made by Origins Handcrafted Earthenware and my drinking-water-safe hose from Emigh Hardware fits perfectly. I also bought three little starts of Gomphrena decumbens or “Airy Bachelor Buttons”; one of my faves.

Goodbye Flowerland

Hope to visit you again soon.


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