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I got a heads up that national gardening supply catalog Planet Natural had mentioned my blog in their blog. Planet Natural has been around since 1991 selling natural and organic gardening supplies online. They also have a gorgeous brick and mortar store in Bozeman, Montana. I haven’t visited in person yet, but I’ve taken the virtual tour below.

The specific post in which I was mentioned, titled Gardening Blogs: A Growing Community, gives an overview of the sometimes overabundant wealth of gardening information out there… from websites to books to blogs. Blogs the folks at Planet Natural have been perusing lately are “smart and filled with enthusiasm… show what people in other parts of the country (and the world!) are doing… (and) validate our natural approach to growing and shake up our thinking on how to do it.”

I appreciated that they seem to “get me”… my sincerity and passion… and they like my photos! I needed a blogging nudge like this because I tend to post to Facebook much more religiously than to my gardening blog and I really think my Facebook friends getting sick of seeing every little variation of my tulips as they bloom and fade this spring. With fellow garden junkies, I don’t have to feel guilty about over-sharing.

If you ever hear me criticizing people who post too many pictures of their kids or cats or plates of food, just slap me because  even I know I’m really pushing it on Facebook with my incessant flower photos. Planet Natural reminded me that, hey, there’s a Planet Natural… and hey, there are people like me out there who love to garden the “natural way” and who never get sick of talking about or looking at flowers and veggies and the tools and supplies we employ to help them thrive.

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