New edition of Sunset Western Garden Book of Landscaping

I got excited when I spotted a Facebook post about the new edition of Sunset Western Garden Book of Landscaping: The Complete Guide to Designing Beautiful Paths, Patios, Plantings and More. If it’s of the same caliber as the previous edition, it’ll be full of great pics, great examples of California landscaping, and regionally appropriate gardening information. This is fantastic timing since we’re about to re-landscape our smallish yard and want to create an inspiring space.


  1. Another one to add to my collection! Even if only for the pictures. Gorgeous and helpful stuff. Thanks for sharing!

    • Katie, it’s fantastic. Amazon Prime zipped it to me in two days and I love it. They didn’t skimp on photos, overall gardening style is very “Boho California eclectic/artistic/contemporary”, succulents figure heavily, and there are tons of artsy, comfy sitting areas (a current obsession of mine) to imagine making your own. I’m really impressed.


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