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So cool! You know those prolific, inedible sour Seville oranges growing at Capitol Park? Seville oranges can be used to make marmalade! Corti Brothers is selling marmalade made from the fruit of local trees! I had stopped by Corti’s the other day looking for edible goodies for a birthday gift basket and came across A Capital Vintage Marmalade. Since I’ve never used marmalade in my life, I didn’t buy any, but I plan to go back and get some.

A quick Google search yielded plenty of uses for orange marmalade. Ham baste figures prominently. Incidentally, Corti’s had enough local products for a person to put together an entirely local gift basket. You could start with some Dark Star coffee beans from Coffee Works, add a Ginger Elizabeth chocolate bar, some Capitol Park marmalade, and Bariani olive oil and honey. There are bound to be even more local goodies there. Nuts and wine, maybe.

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