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I love how blogs propagate neat ideas somewhat randomly and virally throughout the land. Via The Horticult, I recently learned that by soaking your air plants in pond water, they are actually being fed by “pond scum” at the same time! Check out their post titled “Soak City: An Unlikely Fertilizer for Tillandsia”.

I love this idea because it’s a clever, efficient and thrifty use of a waste product. As is the way of the web, the folks at The Horticult learned this tip from Florida air plant purveyor Air Plant City’s “Caring For Your Tillandsia” page.

I was able to put this feeding method into practice at the nursery yesterday, but will have to wait until I have a pond at home to determine how well this works as a long-term feeding regimen. Until then, I can use Grow More 17-8-22 Bromeliad & Tillandsia Fertilizer on my tillies at home. Grow More’s is the only commercial tilly fertilizer I’ve come across that’s relatively inexpensive and readily available.


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