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Being a tomboy who came to lipstick later in life, I don’t have the ability to get super excited about handbags and high heels. I have one purse, a little Tignanello backpack purse, that holds all my stuff and allows me to move about my life with both hands free. The allure of a really expensive handbag slung over one shoulder escapes me entirely. My affliction is rare, judging from the abundance of websites, blogs and gossip rags devoted to the daily chronicling of female celebrities and their $10,000 designer handbags. To me, purses and shoes are just… meh. Unless they’re made of moss.IMG_6661


Finally, something ladylike I can get excited about! Hmm… what to plant?  A little string of pearls succulent to go with that plantable high heel of yours? Super Moss makes these adorable moss purse planters, which make fun gifts, planted or unplanted.


Moss purse with String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus), Echeveria and Calibrachoa


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