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If you’re not one of those people who needs to smell the papyrus when reading, you might be interested in knowing there’s starting to be quite a nice selection of digital gardening books available for FREE from your local library. OverDrive is the mover and shaker in the business these days, with some competition from the 3M Cloud Library. While OverDrive and 3M are the e-book vendors, your library is the provider.

To give you an example of the tantalizing “gardening” offerings from your library’s e-bookshelves, click here to see what’s available at my local library… 67 search results for the key word “gardening”. You can fine tune your search for even better results. Once you’ve downloaded your titles, you get to keep them for 3 weeks, with a “renew” feature coming in a few days. Bonus? No fines! It’s win, win, win, win.

First, do you have a library card? Does it need to be renewed? Do you know your PIN? Do you like free stuff? If you answered yes, no, yes and yes, then you can begin downloading digital gardening books to your smart phone, tablet or computer now! If you haven’t been to the public library since grade school or you’ve been afraid to plunge into the digital pool, call your local library now for help or take a free class.

And if you’re one of those naughty library patrons who highlights and underlines and folds over the corners of library book pages, well then you really need to go digital to save you from yourself!

Here are a few hot gardening-related titles available as library e-books:

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