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OK, so this isn’t quite what I envisioned in my enduring fantasy of being in Sunset Magazine (kicking self for not majoring in journalism or English). Still, this is pretty fantastic!

In its March issue, Sunset included my oddly URLed little Garden Bliss blog in a list of “go-to sources for cooking, gardening and living well in the West.”

I will try to post a link to the article if it shows up online. Until then, I did happen to scan the page in order to preserve it for all eternity… and for kicks.

Kicks don’t pay the bills, though, so if I continue blogging myself into the soup line, it’s a good thing I’ll have Sunset Magazine to read while I’m waiting for my rations.

May I take this opportunity to say that I think the print version of Sunset Magazine just keeps getting better and better? Pretty impressive feat at a time when many magazines have become thinly veiled adverzines or, failing that, have gone to that great magazine stand in the sky. And have you seen lately? Wow! It’s gorgeous… and slick… and educational… and interactive. Kudos, Sunset.

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