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Amy at Garden Rant just posted about an article in the Seattle times announcing the demise of the San Francisco/Pacific Northwest Flower & Garden Shows. What’s next, Sunset Magazine? My local Starbuck’s? My neighborhood Border’s? Whole Foods? Raley’s? My little library? My son’s school?

Top story in my local paper today is the lovely “Official: Sacramento could ax 500 city jobs to close deficit“. What’s in your paper today?

This is getting ridiculous. Gotta remember to breathe and to keep up the yoga practice. Forget Victory Gardens… I think we’re heading toward Subsistence Gardens. Survival Gardens? Are we gonna have to eat our pets? Oh, man, and they’re so cute! They’re my babies! Wait… am I going to have to eat my child? My only child?!

Think vegetarian thoughts, Angela. Ask yourself, “What would Alice Waters do?”. She would plant something obscure and complete-protein like quinoa. In her front yard. Oh, my neighbors are gonna love that. But maybe they don’t care about that kind of nonsense anymore. Maybe they, too, are starting to “rethink the front lawn” in a way they never could have imagined would be necessary.

Interesting times we live in. Deep breath. More coffee… which I will grow myself if I have to. OK, so maybe that horticulture degree isn’t as worthless as I thought. I think I can probably teach myself to make elderberry wine too, if necessary. If only I had some elderberries.

Wait, I can barter. That’s what scrappy survivors like us do. I’ll give you a dozen lemons for a basket of elderberries. These lemons will keep you from getting scurvy, you see. You need them. And I… well, I could use a nice, relaxing glass of elderberry wine. After 5:00, of course.

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