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This is the cedar cat house kit I ordered online for my outdoor cat, Emily. She’s an outdoor cat because she sprays and doesn’t get along with our 19.5-year-old indoor cat, Bud. Emily does fine outside, though. She rolls around in the dirt, supplements her PetSmart diet with a bit of hunting, and knows her way around the culdesac. The neighborhood cats know this is Emily’s place.

Still, I’ll sleep better at night knowing she has a warm house to come home to. Carmichael gets cold in winter.

The kit I bought was pre-built, then disassembled, then shipped to me so I could whine and cuss and reassemble the thing. I was having a hard time with the square-holed screws (WTF? Not flat-head? Not Phillips-head?) UNTIL I discovered the custom drill bit included in the bag with the screws. My bad. Took me a lot longer than the projected 15 minutes, but I did it all by myself! I am woman, hear me grunt, curse and whine!

This is actually a semi-enclosed front patio area. A hopseed hedge conceals Emily’s house from the street.

Emily’s temporary housing, clearly judged to be inadequate.

Emily’s first walk-through.

Emily’s imagining living here.

I think she likes it, but she seems to be saying, “Hey, this pad’s supposed to be heated. You better get crackin’ on that, Angela.”

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