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OK, you guys gotta check out this French blog post about my blog. Can’t read a lick of it, but it looks like a really cool blog!

As bloggers, we have the ability to see who’s linking to our blogs, and my curious nature has me checking every now and then, especially when I’m avoiding an unpleasant task or tasks.

When I followed the link, I saw that the post was written in French, a language I had a brief fling with in my freshman year of high school. Needless to say, French and I parted way as friends, but with my foreign language skills virginity still intact. In other words, I have no idea what this blogger was saying about my blog.

So I Babel Fished it. The translation sheds a little light, but remains fascinatingly cryptic.

From this…

“Très joli blog d’Angela Pratt, qui vit vers Sacramento dans le nord de la Californie où elle ballade son appareil photo. c’est chez elle que j’ai repéré cette graminée barbapapa.”

I got this…

“Very pretty blog d’ Angela Pratt, which lives towards Sacramento in the north of California where it ballade its camera. c’ is at it that j’ located this graminaceous barbapapa.”

Better French students than I… I need a better translation and I’ve got to know what is meant by this “graminaceous barbapapa”! It sounds so… so… well… kind of Italian, actually. Not that I speak Italian.

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