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Hits: This one crisped up better than the first, probably because I transferred it to a pre-heated pizza stone after a few minutes (easier said than done). Also, pesto is just delicious on a pizza.

Misses: The T.J.’s Canadian bacon turned out to be a thicker cut than you normally want on a pizza, but it still tasted great. After awkwardly transferring the pizza from a metal pan to the pre-heated pizza stone, I accidentally turned my oven off for the remaining baking time. That made the pizza crust a little on the chewy side.

Next, I’m going to try making my own dough using my Kitchen Aid mixer. Oh, and I think I need a metal pizza peel.

02/13/08 edit:

Other things I’ve gleaned from the web recently:

  • Place pizza on lowest rack in oven.
  • Go easy on the sauce… less is more.
  • Don’t cover the entire pizza with cheese… always make sure you can see through to the bottom so you don’t create a seal.
  • Use bread flour (King Arthur’s Sir Lancelot is preferred by some) instead of all-purpose flour
  • Heat up your pizza stone for about an hour before baking pizza.
  • If you’re rolling out your pizza, don’t flatten the edges.
  • A little sugar or honey helps activate your yeast.

I also discovered lots of interesting pizza video tutorials on the web. Some are funny, some are strange, some are slick productions, some are homespun, some are awful, and some are very instructive. Most of them will make you hungry.

In the slick and instructive category, you have Tyler Florence.

Tyler Florence Making Pizza Dough

Tyler Florence Making Mushroom Pizza

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