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Whether you live in northern California’s mountain, Valley, inland or coastal region, there’s always something to engage a gardener’s interest in November. You can either plop into a comfy chair with your laptop and do a little cybergardening, or start marking pages in all those seed and plant catalogs that have been piling up.

If you’re feeling proactive, you can get out there and insulate your pipes and empty out those garden hoses. If you’re feeling guilty about

I plan to do a lot of cybergardening and a little cool-season gardening.

we have the option of ambitiously installing cool-season flowers and veggies

For me, late November is a quieter time in the garden. It’s my first chance to sit back and enjoy the fruits… and veggies… and flowers of my labor. Instead of frantically dead-heading or mowing or watering, I’m making mental notes for next season.

I’ve got most of my cool-season vegetables and color planted, and am toying around with planting garlic. Being a mood- and weather-based gardener, a rainy day might confine me to armchair garden book shopping at Sunset Books, Mrs. Dalloways or Builder’s Booksource.

A sunny day urges me into the garden to fuss over my lettuce, chard, herbs, pansies and citrus.

Suddenly, I’m in love with Salvias for their toughness, their

, my thoughts have turned

Builder’s Booksource
Annie’s Annuals

reinvent your garden

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