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Meet one of my new favorite plants– Cuphea melvillea

Weeder gave me this Cigar Plant (Cuphea melvillea) for my birthday in July of ’06. Look how well it’s done in dappled sun next to the house. I love its tubular pinky yellow flowers and so do hummingbirds. I also love its height range of 4-6 ft. It’s kinda floppy and not at all formal which just makes me love it even more. We’re pretty sure it came from Windmill Nursery, but which grower? Annie’s? Blooms? Proven Winners? Where’s that damned plant tag?

January 16 edit: I now think this is C. micropetala.

Tree dahlia bud watch, 2007

My tree dahlias (Dahlia imperialis) have grown taller and taller each year. Yikes! Of my three main canes, one snapped but two remain. Threats against this November bloomer include wind and frost. Both fingers way crossed.

I’d like to train them to bloom a little lower to the ground, but I’m not sure of the best time to head them back.

Wish me luck!