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We arrived around 11am, just in time for luscious strawberries, banana-chocolate chip muffins, grapes and drinks. Hot mess Amy Winehouse was rockin’ in the background… my kinda nursery.

At noon, we were treated to a great demo by garden artist Keeyla Meadows. Keeyla showed us an easy and inexpensive way to paint and draw on clay pots. She talked a lot about color, which happens to be the theme of her next book, which I hope is published soon, soon, soon.

During our visit, two lucky ticket holders each won a 15-minute shopping spree. Of course, they had to don bright and shiny capes and crowns while dashing around the nursery filling their wagons. What price, dignity? Pretty low from what I witnessed. Hah.

After Keeyla’s demo and the shopping spree announcement, I filled a flat (all the little red wagons were taken) with some cool-season color to take home. All 4″ plants were 25% off.

After the festivities, demo and plant shopping at Annie’s, we swung by Oakland for lunch at Genova Deli, picked up coffee beans at Cole Coffee, did a little shopping at Heartfelt, bought a cupcake at Teacake Bake Shop in Emeryville, then headed home. A great day!

We sorta spaced and ran out of time for visiting Cohn-Stone Studios, but it’s still on my to-do list for someday.

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