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Autumn in the garden

Coleus ‘Dipt in Wine’ (thank you, cloverann, for reminding me of the cultivar name)


Rumex, Heuchera and trailing snaps in my Target wall planter

Volunteer zinnia

Echeveria in a biodegradable rice hull pot

Amazing how a pressure washer revitalized my Costco-purchased teak outdoor dining set. Bonus points if you can spot the dog chew toy!

Hummingbirds have been loving my Salvia leucantha. It froze to the ground last winter.

Japanese anemone

Coleus ‘Royal Glissade’

My apple green chair planter is on its last legs (literally), but is hanging in there. I just replanted it with cool-season color.

Purple ornamental kale seems made for this pot I brought back from Mendocino

Windmill Nursery Open House Pics & Video

I blogged about the upcoming Windmill Nursery Fall & Christmas Open House & Charity Event back in August and attended the event Saturday evening. The nursery looked great, with lushly planted demo beds (and more to come), container plantings, new signage on plants, Christmas displays and outdoor lighting.

Before night fell, I snapped a few pics of the nursery, inside and out.

Andrew talking to nursery reps.

Cheryl snapping me snapping them


Wide selection of plants from Blooms, Annie’s, Monterey Bay and more.

New cold-hardy tropical demo bed

Cool-season color

Halloween planters

Cool-season planter

Seasonal and succulent planters

Open house attendees listening to raffle results

Christmas tree display. Yes, folks, it’s time to start thinking about the holidaze

Windmill put on quite a gourmet spread, with beer, wine and catering by Carmichael restaurant La Perla Bistro . We were treated to live music by local band Fair Trade. The lead singer has a great voice and according to Windmill family member Andrew, this talented musician is also a landscaper!


Since 10% of the night’s plant sales were going to Wind Youth Services, I felt I should do my part. Shopping at a nursery at night has always been a fantasy of mine… seriously… and now I know how super fun it can be.

(night shots by Cheryl Hawes, AKA Weeder)

Like the new do? Let me just say, “How could I resist?” and let it be known that I was very gentle with this hanging plant. Perhaps I should just say “No comment.”