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and it’s me. Weeds are getting out of control (I ran out of clove spray), there’s lots to deadhead, and I still have plants not hooked up to drip despite the fact that I’m leaving for Mendo (woo hoo!) in a couple weeks. On the plus side, there’s plenty to harvest in the way of peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, chard and herbs. Strawberries have taken over two of my flowerbeds. Oh, the horror. I am a little leery of harvesting them in areas the dogs “frequent”. I really want to try growing strawberries vertically. I tried them in hanging baskets, but the soil dried out too quickly. I’ll figure something out.

This morning, I spotted a tomato hornworm on one of my tomato plants! I’m really hoping to see it become parasitized so I can get some good photos. No, I will not squash it or cut it in half, you barbarians. Ew. Double ew. How would you feel if someone cut you in half? Besides, tomato hornworms are amazing looking!

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