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June… a time to feed, weed and appreciate color

My Peaceful Valley Farm Supply order arrived a couple days ago. I’ve decided to try Down To Earth’s Bio-Fish fertilizer in my veggie beds. I also need to apply a fast-acting organic liquid food today because my newly planted veggies have settled in but look like they could use a boost.

I also ordered BurnOut II for controlling weeds that have popped up in my crushed rock pathways and in the D.G. surrounding my flagstone patio pavers. BurnOut II is a clove, citric acid and vinegar-based herbicide.

The Coconut Coir Fiber compressed bricks, which expand in water, make a really nice bedding and food for my Can-O-Worms setup.

My late-planted ‘Gold Rush’ yellow zucchini plants already have flower buds. I can’t wait to start using them in stir-fry dishes and on the grill. A little salt, cracked pepper, fresh chopped rosemary and olive oil is all you need.

My tree dahlias are already pretty ginormous.

I love my purple English lavender and I love my purple Montrail Molokinis.

Orange daylilies are pretty common, but there’s something a little more elegant about this one. Maybe it’s the narrow petals and splash of wine color on the throat. I got this unnamed beauty at POW and it’s just beginning to bloom. Looks great next to my purple butterfly bush.