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“MaMo” addresses the bee problem, AKA Colony Collapse Disorder, in today’s column, with humor, as he often does. So if you like your bitter news with a dose of honey…

Apocalypse Of The Honeybees – How poetically appropriate that the End of Man should come from such a tiny, sweet source Mark Morford,, 05/09/07

What can you do that might help bring back the bees? Yes, it’s entirely possible bee populations will rebound without our help, but there’s no harm in helping now, especially considering scientists are still stumped by the massive die-offs. We’re hearing possible culprits include pesticides, GMOs, cell phones, parasites, mites, fungi, and Ashlee Simpson. In the meantime, think about doing your part:

— Garden organically and practice Integrated Pest Management in your own backyard.
Buy organic.
— Throw away your cell phone. Kidding! I hope.
— Boycott GMO crops.
— Support organizations working to help the bees.
— Elect environmentally-aware representatives.
— Plant bee-attracting flowers: bee balm, lavender, salvia, zinnia, natives, etc.
— Put up a bee house (see below).
— Hug a scientist. Better yet, donate to your local college’s entomology department.

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