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Calandrinia grandiflora, commonly known as Chilean rock purslane, is one of my new favorites in the garden. It’s new to me, anyway. Last summer or fall, I spotted it in bloom in one-gallon cans at Emigh Hardware. The fleshy, silvery-grey foliage reminds me of sedum (another fave), but you will be pleasantly surprised by its delicate, clear pink poppy-like flowers, held on nodding wiry stems up to 2 1/2 feet tall.

Despite a few frosts and freezes here in Carmichael this winter, C. grandiflora wintered over nicely up against the southern side of my stucco house. It receives bright, lightly filtered light next to my lath patio cover. According to a Dave’s Garden member, it propagates from separated “rootballs” which should callus over for a few days before re-planting. Haven’t tried that yet, but I am experimenting with tip cuttings as well. Oh, and you can buy it at Annie’s Annuals.

Today’s bloom

My plant’s foliage with young buds just beginning to emerge

(Photo from Dave’s Garden, taken by Dave’s Garden member RWhiz)

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