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In the garden…

I vow to stop leaving clippings all over the damn place. For someone who owns every garden receptacle known to man, I sure have a nasty habit of dropping clippings wherever wind and gravity take them.

Maybe these new Garden Pop-Up Bags
icon from Gardener’s Supply will inspire me. God, they’re cute. Won’t they look purty surrounded by clippings?


I vow to find a ‘Lime Rickey’ Heuchera and buy it. When I held a pricey 1-gallon specimen in my hot little hands several months ago but put it down hoping to find it cheaper elsewhere, I had no idea the plant would be so elusive. You’re worth it, Rickey… Rick… my darling.

(Photo from Terra Nova Nurseries website)

I vow to visit at least two California nurseries and two California public gardens I’ve never seen in person. Maybe one of each in So Cal and Nor Cal. Suggestions?

I vow to try growing one new squash variety.

I vow to maybe not plant so many tomatoes. I mean really. C’mon, Angela.

I vow to think about joining a 12-step program for garden tool abusers.

I vow to cook from the garden more. Salsa was a snap. Pesto is from the gods. Yep, more culinary creations from the garden.

In general…

I vow to eat right and exercise, of course.

I vow to find beauty wherever I can.

I vow to keep a much closer eye on my new camera equipment (ahem) and to take a gazillion pictures.

I vow to pay it forward in little ways whenever I can.

I vow to enjoy the journey, the moment, go for the gusto, and seize the day. Tick tock!

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