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Successive frosts and freezes and a rainfall deficit means the garden is looking pretty ragged right now. I’m not cutting anything back till frost danger has passed… except my roses, which I should have already pruned but… haven’t. If I do it in the next couple days, the rose police won’t have anything on me.

If you won’t pet me and scratch my head… I guess this shrub will have to suffice.

Fine. Be that way.

‘Tropicanna’ canna is looking more like ‘Freezorama’ canna

Persian shield looooves heat and haaaaates cold.

Violas looking cute but not growing much

Orchid cactus looking surprisingly unmushy. I think it’s in a lucky little microclimate.

These pansies and tulips are loving being tucked up against a stucco wall on the southwest corner of the property.

Ooh… Mexican bush sage, lavender and sedum looking fabulously awful.

Succulents in foreground doing ok, but hibiscus in background looking pretty crispy.


Impulse purchase from awhile back doing ok up against a west-facing wall
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