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Here are a few things that caught this gardener’s eye…

Stocking Stuffers

Oooms Wooden Memory Stick

A memory stick that actually is… a stick.

In Vitro Orchid
Test tube baby orchids… awwwwwww.

Under the Tree

WMF Expandable Flower Trivet

Colorful Birdhouse
A birder friend tells me this birdhouse is probably bird-friendly (i.e. easily cleaned and predator-resistant). It’s very bad karma to buy a birdhouse that wasn’t designed with birds in mind and it’s sad to see so many out there. You can always call Gardener’s Supply to confirm that it’s safe for birds. It sure is inexpensive and cute!

Duck Bill Knife
This should be great for ripping open bags of soil, etc. Raise your hand if you stick your grubby fingers through those tiny bag holes and strain and stretch the thing until it gives.

(typing with one hand now)

Reform your gardener friend, S.O. or yourself with this tool.



Amy’s book is so new it’s not even out yet, but fear not because you can pre-order it, print the book cover from amazon, roll it into a scroll and tie a pretty ribboon around it. Show that special flower-lovin’ someone that only the freshest, most fabulous books will do.

First update in several years; Also on the verge of being published. Remember that gift scroll idea? You know the armchair gardener in your life won’t already have this one because no one does.

Give Your Gardener a Little TLC

After working in the garden, warm those cold tootsies with microwavable booties

This gardener’s hand soap with pumice is the best! Scrubs away the dirt, but leaves your hands feeling soft and hydrated, not greasy or dry. If I owned a nursery, I would sooooo carry this product.

Say It With Flowers

If you need to order holiday flowers, wreaths or gifts, consider ordering through Organic Bouquet.

Free Vase with any Holiday Bouquet!

A little Merry Christmas to farm workers, organic farmers, and that great big ball of dirt we all call home.

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