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What? Angela doesn’t only read gardening books? Ooh, she’s so multi-dimensional.

Nature Noir is a great read, folks, and is northern California and nature-related so I can justify recommending it on my Northern California nature lovin’ garden blog. This book will make you want to hug a park ranger.

This particular park ranger, Jordan Fisher Smith, writes with a lyricism and level of compassion I don’t think many of us could muster after spending years guarding a river facing damnation, finding tree-studded hills dotted not only with native wildflowers but with modern-day armed outlaws, and having pastoral moments snatched away by bureaucracy and the random call of the dispatcher.

To be a park ranger: Must enjoy life and death, guns and flowers, boredom and terror, paperwork and budget cuts, beauty and ugliness, rafting and hiking, solitude and brotherhood.
NPR Interview with Jordan Fisher Smith

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