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A garden panorama and time-lapse flower clips from still images

Photo by Mike Posehn

Garden bloggers, check out this super-cool interactive panorama shot of a garden in Loomis, CA. It’s called Loomis Labyrinth. Mike Posehn of Granite Bay Software made the photograph. His website, Dog’s Leap, offers panorama prints. Mike’s panorama images are also part of U.C. Berkeley’s Worldwide Panorama Project.

Granite Bay Software also sells a program called GBTimelapse for creating time-lapse video clips from still images and it’s compatible with most Canon PowerShot and EOS digital cameras. Mike’s timelapse clips can be purchased here.

You can even download the GB Timelapse free trial before buying the software for $49. Imagine the flower and garden applications for this software— showing flowers bursting into bloom, showing how sunrise and sunset wash over your garden. You might even be able to show your garden going from unpruned to pruned! Click here to see if the software works with your Canon camera. Mike even tells you how you can sell your own timelapse clips through TimeLapse Digital.

Little Field of Flowers Rug by NANIMARQUINA

Were you just thinking, “I love flowers soooooooooooo much that I wish I could buy a flower rug… and not just a flower-imprinted flat rug but a super-cool 3D-ish shaggy flower rug I can lie on contemplatively in my flouncy matching dress and pumps.”?

Yes? Me too! OMG, what are the odds? Well, our wish has been granted.

In Sacramento, you can buy this rug through Room & Company. Bay areans, try Design Within Reach in Berkeley or In Your Element in San Francisco.

Thanks to Inhabitat for blogging this. Now if only IKEA would manufacture a knockoff we mere mortals could afford…

This just in from Roto-Rooter

Valued Customer,

Millions of pounds of pulp is scraped from pumpkins
throughout the Halloween season, resulting in yummy pies, creative
jack-o’-lanterns and… plumbing nightmares.

Every year, plumbers get
lots of calls to repair garbage disposers and kitchen sink drains that have been
clogged with slimy, stringy pumpkin pulp and seeds.

Follow these tips to
guard against Halloween drain disasters…

Never put pumpkin pulp or
seeds down the toilet, sink drain or in the garbage disposer.

pumpkins on a thick bed of newspaper.

Wrap up the pumpkin-related
materials and throw away in the garbage can.

Or you could compost it. 😉