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Favorite Gardening Novels & Movies— the list begins

Amy Stewart’s List

Thanks for the recommendations in your latest blog post, Amy! I love discovering new books through others. What a treat to see the favorites of one of my favorite authors.

Amy’s book, From the Ground Up: The Story of a First Garden is a must for the non-fiction gardening book (i.e. gardening essays) list. Is anybody working on that?

I want to add the following guilty pleasures– Nora Roberts’ garden trilogy. Ladies, there’s a hunky yet sensitive plant propagator and a hunky landscape designer, neither of whom are gay or married… and it all takes place at the family nursery, on the grounds of the family mansion. Haunted, of course.

As Amy also mentioned, a “favorite gardening movies” list is in the works as well:

— Saving Grace (one of my favorites too)
— Greenfingers
— ???