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Don’t get me wrong… I love Sacramento. And I can take the summer heat. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the fact that I am leaving this weekly forecast…


104°F 40°C
68°F 20°C THU

108°F 42°C
70°F 21°C FRI

112°F 44°C
71°F 21°C SAT

111°F 43°C
70°F 21°C SUN

109°F 42°C
68°F 20°C MON

107°F 41°C
68°F 20°C TUE

105°F 40°C
66°F 18°C

… for this one.


73°F 22°C
56°F 13°C THU

77°F 25°C
61°F 16°C FRI

80°F 26°C
61°F 16°C SAT

79°F 26°C
59°F 15°C SUN

78°F 25°C
59°F 15°C MON

74°F 23°C
57°F 13°C TUE

74°F 23°C
55°F 12°C

That’s what vacations are for, right? Getting outta town for a taste of something different. Escaping the heat. Or basking in the sun. We know what awaits us when we return, but for one glorious week we get to walk around in a cool fog… or lie on a sunny beach… in appreciation.

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