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My ‘Fresno’ chile peppers are ripe and I’m not quite sure what to do with them. The tag said they’re great for salsa. What a coincidence because I love salsa. But I’m also a big chicken when it comes to heat. If I’m feeling dangerous, I’ll buy Pace Picante Sauce in Medium. Most of the time, I go for mild.

I just checked the heat rating on ‘Fresno’ peppers and here’s what it said:

Fresno pepper
These are similar to jalapeno peppers, but with thinner walls. They’re great in salsas. Green Fresnos are available in the summer. the hotter red ones come out in the fall. Substitutes: jalapeno pepper OR Serrano pepper.

Uh oh… jalapenos are hot! And most of my Fresnos are a deep, tongue-melting red. Having gotten myself into this pickle… or pepper… my next task is to find a great salsa recipe. Any suggestions for salsa recipe sites or actual salsa recipes? I’ve never made my own fresh salsa.

Muchas Gracias!

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