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Ok, so it was merely listed as a regional blog “worth visiting” in a larger article about sites by Dave’s Garden, GardenStew, GardenVoices, You Grow Girl, Amy Stewart, Karen Hess, Pam Peirce and Marta Acosta, but I’ll take it!

What’s shakin’, Bay Areans? 😉

Blogs get to the root of gardeners’ thinking
Sophia Markoulakis, Special to The Chronicle

Saturday, June 17, 2006
Garden musings are no longer private thoughts between our plants and ourselves. Through blogs, we can now share our most intimate gardening thoughts with the universe.

Short for Web log, a blog is a personal journal posted online for public access and scrutiny. A blog is highly interactive, with the author’s profile made public. Snazzy tech advances such as permalinks that direct readers to related Web sites and blogs, and trackbacks and pingbacks that connect readers and bloggers with one another streamline this interaction. So garden blogs, in essence, allow gardeners from all over the world to share images, experiences, anecdotal information and expert knowledge…

… “Some Northern California blogs worth visiting are:

— Also check out for some eloquent and feline-friendly writing; for a California transplant making it in rural Missouri; and for stunning desert succulents.”

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Some great choices… and thanks for the mention, Ms. Markoulakis!

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