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The right fountain at the right price

My parents bought a house that came with a monstrously oversized fountain complete with spouting lions. It was in a circular bed surrounded by pavement. I can’t even remember if there were plants in the bed. All you saw was lions. They lived with it for awhile but eventually the fountain went to a better home (where it reportedly looks nice). We (I) planted bloodgrass in the empty bed and it has filled in very nicely.

The other day my mom and I were at Costco when we saw these really tall, ceramic fountains in earthy greens, teal, amber and ivory. At the bargain price of 162 bucks, it didn’t take long to realize how perfect it’d be in the middle of the bloodgrasses.

We brought the thing home yesterday and the men set it up today while my mom and I sat together in nearby chairs trying not to tell them how they should be doing it. Exausting work, I tell ya.

Water sheets slowly down the sides and all you hear is a peaceful lapping sound. In addition to the parts you see, there is a wide matching basin that holds the water. It had already been placed in the grasses when I took the pics.

As if the fountain wasn’t cool enough to begin with, the fountain top is like a birdbath, complete with recirculating water!