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Got most of my tomatoes planted yesterday and hope to finish today if it’s not raining. I also planted most of the plants I bought at Annie’s and B. Hort. I have to say, things are filling in nicely in certain parts of the garden. Gaps remain, but don’t they always?

Snails feasted on my bell peppers and basil over the last few days. Nothing left but leafless sticks. I checked on them first thing yesterday morning and found a large snail family sucking on the bones of my pepper plants. A couple older snails were leading the very slow getaway.

And no, I didn’t kill a single one. Why? Because I am cursed with a fondness for all things tiny and cute. Have you looked at a baby snail lately? Exceedingly cute with their tiny antennae… or eyeballs… or whatever those things are… innocently searching the air. I relocated them. I have used Sluggo in moments of desperation, but I don’t like witnessing the carnage and my dogs like to eat Sluggo pellets. Pet-safe or not, I really don’t want them to have to digest a belly full of iron phosphate.

The perfect solution for borderline Buddhist gardeners like me is the barrier method. The problem is, that nifty 100-foot roll of copper snail barrier I wanted to buy at Berkeley Hort. the other day was 50 dollars. 50 dollars for snail fencing? I don’t think I can justify that purchase at this juncture, so I’m trying to find something inexpensive around the house that will help my veggie and herb starts make it past infancy. I’m thinking bottomless milk cartons with the warning “Molluscs Beware!” written in dripping red letters. No… written in salt (if such a thing were possible). Large strawberry baskets might work too. I have none, but they might work. There’s got to be something we normally recycle or throw away that I can use. Any ideas?

Anyway, replacement peppers and basil are being arranged.

Great news! Peaceful Valley Farm Supply sells 20 feet of copper snail barrier for around 13 bucks. Sold!

Holy guacamole, look what else they sell! This is exactly what I was fantasizing about and they’re only $2.99 each! Just my luck that my only realized fantasy involves garden pests and not Liam Neeson, but oh well. At least I’ll have reality-based peppers and basil this year thanks to copper barriers and the new Plant Defender.

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