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Went to Annie’s Annuals and Berkeley Hort. Yesterday. Gardening nirvana… and a financial nightmare. I did enough Visa damage that I’m thinking it’s a good thing there’s an hour and forty minutes between me and my favorite East Bay nurseries.

I was expecting rainy weather so was pleased with intermittently overcast skies and a bit of wind.

The raised demo beds at Annie’s, amended with grape-seed compost, are looking incredible, as are the display pots at Berkeley Hort. Bought all kinds of fun stuff, traffic was a breeze and I didn’t get lost in lovely downtown Richmond this time. I didn’t even get lost in Berzerkely, city of invisible street signs.

New at Annie’s: a chicken coop with fancy chickens, a rooster, a bunny or bunnies and some other bird I can’t remember. Very cute. There seem to be more pinky/purply flower murals, as well as some new wagons with very cushy handles. Free cans of soda too!

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