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I have no business ordering more seeds considering I already have a shoebox full of seeds with waning viability, but I can rationalize this Select Seeds order because I “needed” one of their plant varieties, you see, and it seems a shame to place an order for plants only when they sell so many fine seeds.

Item p4720 Coleus ‘Sedona’

(Photo from Select Seeds website)
‘Sedona’ coleus was the gateway plant that led to ordering more seeds. I looked everywhere last summer for this plant and never found it. By the time I resorted to online ordering, it was sold out everywhere I checked. I’m very attracted to peachy-pinky colors and ‘Sedona’ is the coolest coleus color I’ve ever seen.

Item p2910 Columbine ‘Clementine Rose’

(Photo from Select Seeds website)
How pretty is this?!!!

Item s231 California Poppy ‘Apricot Flambeau’

(Photo from Select Seeds website)
I’ve failed miserably with fancy Cal. pops. I think it’s because I treat them like regular Cal. pops, simply sprinkling seeds in October. The fancy ones never come up. This time, I’m going to try them in pots like Annie’s Annuals does.

Item s306 Nasturtium ‘Whirlybird Cherry Rose’

(Photo from Select Seeds website)
I’ve grown this nasturtium for the last couple years and it’s gorgeous. Nasturtiums are so easy from seed, which makes them extra rewarding to grow. This one would be great for kids to try.

Item s249 Poppy – Heirloom

(Photo from Select Seeds website)
Looks like Annie’s Annuals’ ‘Drama Queen’ poppy, no?

Item s359 Purple Bell Vine

(Photo from Select Seeds website)
I’m still trying with this one. I tried it last year and had no luck. Persevere…

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