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I feel like a Mini Martha…

Pre-conviction, that is.

Favorite Martha quote of late: “If events unfold as I have been led to believe, I will have this ordeal behind me and be back to work before spring planting season.” Sounds like she’s finally getting her priorities straight. Martha, Martha, Martha. I know gardening is an expensive hobby, but sheesh, you’re a gazillionaire with absolutely no reason to do anything crooked. I still love you.

It’s a… GREENHOUSE! Well, ok, it’s still under construction, but what isn’t in my life? I want to add that I had nothing to do with its existence other than ordering it, selecting its location and stepping all over its pieces while it sat in my garage for, well, for a long time.

I did, however, plant the lettuce, chard, parsley and peas in the foreground. I’ll be adding the scallions I picked up yesterday evening in a few minutes. The Sugarsnap pea seeds were from Johnny’s Selected Seeds, a great mail order company. Also ordered Easter Egg radish seeds and Royal Mix flowering sweet peas.

My 2nd dwarf avocado arrived from Wayside Gardens the other day. I’m keeping it in my kitchen window until the greenhouse is operational. The 1st dwarf avo didn’t survive the winter. I ordered it thinking the greenhouse would be ready but you know what? They don’t build themselves. Neither do I.

Whatcha gotta do is find a few dudes who paid attention in shop class. I actually took shop class on a lark in middle school. Got yelled at for walking away from the disk sander while it was still spinning. So, anyway, I find the use of power tools NOT to be my calling. The fact that my shop teacher was missing part of his thumb may have something to do with that feeling.

Btw, the uuuuuugly pool filter and a/c unit will be screened with redwood lattice panels. Soon, I hope.

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Nursery Cans Flying Everywhere!

Another bed is coming together… I love my Smith & Hawken cobalt blue birdbath. I’ve surrounded it with yellow lantana, pink sedum, Mexican bush sage and lavender. In the background are 3 princess flower shrubs. You can’t see them because they’re still tiny! Got ’em at Whole Foods in 4″ containers. I think they’ll do well up against the fence since they tend to be sorta viney, as shrubs go. Adding interest in the foreground is a rusted metal quail family. Rusted metal yard art is included in my lengthy list of garden addictions. 😉
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It’s amazing how quickly the birds and butterflies come when you start making a garden. Well, ok, it helped that I put up two hummingbird feeders and a gourmet selection of shelled sunflower seed and niger thistle. The hummers found the nectar feeders right away, but the seed eaters haven’t come around yet. I’ve been told it’s a somewhat quiet time in my area, birdwise. By the way, am I crazy or do hummingbirds seem smart? Maybe both.