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Just went out to check for survivors. Saw no signs of any hornets anywhere. The nest is half-dissolved (by the spray) and empty. Decided to give the nearby creeping fig vine a good spray with a hose to make sure none were lurking in the vine. After giving it a good spray, turned off the water and walked back over for a closer look. Saw one hornet crawl out of the vine and up the wall… ran inside for the nearly empty spray can… came back out and couldn’t find The One… scanned for airbornes… holy… there’s one… sprayed… dead… there’s another… sprayed… dead… and another… uh oh… missed… and another… missed… and those two look mad… ran like, um, heck, back in the house and slammed the door. Now that I’m officially on the hornet hit list, am a little afraid to leave the house. Will report back later. Must check supplies.

Why, oh why, did I watch “The Swarm” at such an impressionable age?

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